Summary from Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships Detroit Conference Study Guide
July, 2016

At the Michigan Annual Conference in Lansing, MI, from June 8th to 13th, The Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships of the Detroit Conference through consultation with members on the commission and our media partner Suite 104 Productions in Southfield, MI presented our pilot design of our developing study guide entitled

Living Together, Working Together & Serving Together

Loving our Neighbor as Ourselves

  • Week One: Ecumenical, Interfaith and Interreligious Understanding (video done)
  • Week Two: Respecting and Honoring Others: Holy Conferencing (video done)
  • Week Three: Forming Relationships and Radical Hospitality (video done)
  • Week Four: Working Together – Social Justice Planning (video in edit)
  • Week Five: Serving Together – Radical Hospitality in Action (video in planning)


A booth was set up outside of the main meeting area at the Michigan State University Breslin Center which was overseen by Chairperson Rodney Gasaway, Reverend Dianne H VanMarter and Reverend Laurie Del Pino. We showed a continuous loop video of our professionally videotaped Interfaith Service held at Newburg UMC in Livonia, MI on January 2016 and handed out an outline of our proposed five-week study guide to be published by Abington Press with a projected publishing date of June 2017. Both the video and handout was met with excitement and anticipation. Some of the comments were “this is really needed at this time”, “I really look forward to using this study with my congregation”, “our church is open to working with other faith groups, I’m really excited to see the guide published.”

The video series is currently under review with Abingdon Press. Recommendations from the OCUIR have been noted and implemented. The $1,000.00 grant has been spent in full on professional video production and editing. The additional amounts needed to complete, package and promote the project are currently under consideration by the publisher.

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