• Event Start Date June 22, 2016

The Summit is a gathering of 300 leaders committed to changing the world through faith and justice.

This diverse convening creates opportunity for building relationships and cross-sector collaboration. Through meals shared together, inspirational talks, and opportunities for smaller group gatherings, The Summit event provides a space for leaders to connect to their peers and find hope for the future.

The Summit 2016 | June 22-24 | Washington, DC

About The Summit:

The Summit is a unique cross-sector gathering of leaders committed to world change through faith and justice. Thought leaders and movement makers from a variety of faith traditions and fields will meet to discuss, strategize, and create opportunities to act on some of the most pressing issues in our nation and world. Instead of a large conference, The Summit convenes an intimate gathering of 300 leaders committed to finding solutions through collaboration.

Each day, we will gather to explore the intersections between our areas of work and engage in smaller forums that inspire common action. Throughout The Summit, in-depth training — such as media and campaign development — will be available to participants. Receptions and lightly programmed time will also be included to help foster relationships.

Building off the momentum of previous Summits, the 2016 Summit will focus on the intersections and implications of race in all of our justice work. We envision a diverse mosaic of justice movements converging to engage in strategic listening and collaborative deliberation. Together we will share knowledge and stories to discern how our nation’s racialized historic and current contexts intersect with the issues that we all care about. Through this process, we will deepen our understanding of the implications of those intersections in order to strengthen our collective impact.

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